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Getting Renters Insurance may actually save you money!!

We hope you had a great Fourth of July Break!

This past month we had a client who was interested in getting renters insurance for her apartment here in Santa Cruz. She already had an existing set of policies including her Auto through Farmers. By receiving Renters Insurance, this qualified her for a new discount on her auto policy. The quote on a Renters policy was about thirty dollars a month which when combined with her new discounted auto policy and with switching to auto-bill pay actually more than covered the cost of her new renters insurance.

She essentially got free renters insurance, and all it took was about a fifteen minute phone call. Now if there’s a fire in her apartment, her personal property is covered and Farmers will pay for her to have a temporary residence in a motel if she needs it.

It’s not about just getting cheap or premium rates, here at Russell Holcomb’s Farmers Insurance we want you to have SMARTER Coverage that gives you peace of mind.


A client in my office reviewing insurance had just been laid off.  Planning to surf and travel and enjoy his time off, he hadn’t planned on keeping his health insurance due to cost.  After all he was in pretty good shape.  My recommendation was to get the least expensive Anthem Blue Cross plan, just in case, which he did.  And BAM!  A headache turned into full blown melanoma that had metastasised into his spine and lungs. We’re talking THOUSANDS of dollars that was covered by the insurance company.  His quote was ‘the health insurance literally saved my life.’  You never know.  Insurance is like airplane fuel.  It’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!